The City Mayor meets youth volunteers

The City of Kigali Mayor RUBINGISA Pudence meets Youth volunteers representatives who are helping citizens in public areas in the implementation of prevention measures of fighting against coronavirus pandemic.

Youth volunteers, local leaders and the police contribute a lot in encouraging the public to obey safety rules like wearing masks whenever going outdoors, maintaining social distancing to reduce human contact and washing hands as many times as possible or sanitizing hands.

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in March, Rwanda put in place precautionary measures which include total lockdown. As a result, youth volunteers started their role in food distributions to vulnerable families where they had to do house to house food distribution.

Later on, the government decided to reopen almost all sectors of the economy, youth volunteers continued to reinforce preventive measures where there is a large concentration of people, in places such as bus stations and parks, markets and road intersections, trading centres among others.

It is in that contest that on 31st May 2020, the City of Kigali Mayor meets their representative in order to thank them for the service to the country in this period of crisis because of coronavirus pandemic all over the world and he commended their priceless contribution in fighting against coronavirus pandemic.

“We can’t thank you enough, as the City of Kigali leadership everyone can witness your good service to the country, beyond that you are inspiring others to work for their country where they are now calling even me to ask how they can join Youth Volunteers team.”

The City Mayor asked them to continue the love they have for the country: “no one else will come to build our country; Rwanda is ours” he said

The head of the Youth Volunteers on national level, Abdallah Murenzi, said that the work is entirely on voluntary basis and any youth who is willing can join.

“The volunteers are not necessarily unemployed, some even have jobs but they still make time to do voluntary work in service of their country,” he said.

Uwamahoro Jeanne d’Arc is one of 800 youth volunteers working in Kigali, she said “We are stationed in places such as bus stations and parks, markets and road intersections, trading centres, among others. We help people to respect prevention measures of fight against covid-19 and on the 80% people are now complying with it comparing to first days.”

Niyigena Emmanuel of Kimironko site says “I love my country and I will do all I can to see COVID-19 ends. My motivation is to think how our country needs everyone, especially youth, to step into the fight against COVID-19 and in other development of building the country,” 

Youth Volunteers work in partnership with the City of Kigali and Rwanda National Police. The programme was founded in 2013 with the aim to engage the youth in the fight against corruption and other vices like drugs.