The City of Kigali hosts the 4th Advisory Committee meeting

On 28th February,2020, the City of Kigali hosted the 4th Advisory committee meeting, the team made up of international experts who advise the City of Kigali on strategic issues.

The City of Kigali advisory committee (CAC) was established in 2017. Its role is to provide guidance to the City of Kigali on strategy development, policy and oversee the development of the City.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Sir. Paul Collier, the current CAC chair. He is an expert in economics and public policy and a professor in the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford

The Advisory committee team is made up of experts in urban development, urban planning, architecture and environment management. However, this committee do not interfere with the usual councils’ decisions because it has a separate mandate.

On the 4th meeting, the committee mainly discussed on the operationalisation of the new reforms in the City of Kigali and the resource mobilization strategies in the City of Kigali that were presented by the City Mayor Pudence Rubingisa who explained about the new law governing City of Kigali and associated restructuring.

After being presented on how previous resolutions were implemented, the committee adopted different resolutions that are based on handling demand for housing, water and sanitation infrastructure, roads, smart transport among others.

The duration of advisory committees meeting is for a three-year term renewable.