150 women cooperatives trained on leadership skills and capacity building

150 women cooperatives from Agaseke Project, an initiative of the City of Kigali got trainings on leadership skills and capacity building sponsored by Bank of Kigali in partnership with Resonate, a Rwanda-based social enterprise, it is in the framework of Rwandan Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative’

The initiative is running from February 18, 2020, to March 6, 2020, in Gizozi Cooperative Site, Kimisagara cell and Gatsata Business Centre.

Through Bank of Kigali’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and support, Resonate will deliver a leadership and capacity building program for 150 women from three different cooperatives of Agaseke Project.

The program will boost the women’s confidence in their ability to grow their cooperatives, build their soft skills as well as their understanding of the banking system and how to access financing for their projects.

The Corporate Communication Manager at Bank of Kigali Dahlia Umulinga said that in the bank’s commitment to financially transform lives, it is also imperative to include women who lack financial literacy and resources.

“As a bank we understand that empowering women is key in contributing towards economic development given that it helps in fighting poverty, gender and domestic-based violence whilst being able to promote gender equality."

Explaining the approach used in the trainings, the Executive Director of Resonate, Norette Turimuci said that tackling barriers to women’s business growth requires a holistic approach.

“This can be achieved by bundling technical or business skills training with key soft skills such as leadership, decision-making and goal-setting, and by providing easier access to finance. This combination addresses the unique challenges that women face as they try to grow their cooperativesNews details.

On the side of City of Kigali, the Coordinator of Agaseke Project, Bella Rukwavu, said that the initiative targets women and girls with no income in order to equip them with skills to sustain themselves as well as their families.

“We work with different partners to deliver both practical and soft skills to help women in producing and selling their hand made products. Currently, we are working with Bank of Kigali and Resonate to unlock women's leadership skills and guide them through legal procedures to access finance for their businesses,” said Rukwavu.

The BK Corporate Communication Manager is optimistic about the outcomes of the training: “We are confident that the knowledge gained will improve the lives of all 150 participants and those of the communities they live in.”