City Women Council invited to fight against the rising of divorce cases


The Vice Mayor in Charge of Socio-Economic Affairs in City of Kigali, Hon. Umutoni Gatsinzi Nadine, invited National Women’s Council at the City of Kigali level, to raise their voices to fight against the rising divorce cases, the hindrance to the happy in these days.

During the General Assembly of the National Women’s Council at the City of Kigali level, women leaders from sector level to City level discussed a variety of problems facing the family and what has to be done as they showcased their action plan for 2019/2020.

Speaking to the General Assembly, Ms Umutoni Gatsinzi Nadine said “As representatives of others in this assembly, I want to request you several things that could make our families happy and safe, namely the discipline of children and following up the daily life of teenagers and protect them from any violence and rape”

I can’t forget the problem of increasing divorce cases; we invite you to conduct awareness campaign in order to create the peaceful environment in families.” She concluded

The National Women Council Coordinator at the City of Kigali ,Umuhoza Aurore, observed “The problem of divorce is evident. It is mainly due to perceptions among people. There is a need for our young people to be sensitized about the law, and what to do for a good and secure family”.

The General Assembly decided that the Awareness campaign will be done through ‘Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi’ which is the family dialogues on village level.

During National Women Council General Assembly, different presentations were made about saving programs, presentation on fight against violence of children and rape of teenagers among others.

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