The City of Kigali virtually received and addressed questions from citizens

The City of Kigali has conducted a citizens’ forum known as ‘Inteko z’Abaturage’ in virtual way on April 5, 2022 during which the City Mayor and Vice Mayors received and addressed questions from citizens on a range of issues from the economy, infrastructure to social welfare among others.

 Hon. Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi, the Minister for Local Government, who was the guest of honor, has urged the leadership of the City of Kigali to regularly approach and listen to citizens in their communities to address issues they are facing.

The Minister of Local Government Hon.Gatabazi commended the initiative of reaching all city duellers virtually and reminded the leaders that leadership is about service to the people and not for personal gain.

The forum was hosted and broadcast on five local radio stations namely Radio one, Isango Star Radio, Flash Fm, City Radio, Salus Radio and  TV1 station as well as streamed on the city’s social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Issues raised by citizens during Smart Inteko

The callers also tasked the City of Kigali to provide a clear plan on how residents in neighbourhoods who collect money for the construction of roads can be complemented to complete such infrastructure.

Commenting on the requested support for the citizen’s initiative to pave some roads, Pudence Rubangisa, the city mayor said that there is no specific budget dedicated to such neighborhoods’ initiatives.

However, he revealed that they support them in the planning, following up on it, and maintaining them among other kinds of support.

Responding to the issue of unpaved roads such as Nzove-Ruli-Gakenke, and Emmanuel Asaba Katabarwa, the City Engineer revealed that the road will be paved under next year’s budget.

“Now we are talking to the Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), to see if it will consider the road in the next fiscal year budget,” he said

He also disclosed new roads to be constructed such as Miduha-Mageragere, Gasogi-Rusororo-Kabuga, and Masizi-Kami-Gasanze road, which connects to Gasanze.

CHOGM preparations

Dr. Merard Mpabwanamaguru the Vice Mayor in Charge of Urbanisation and Infrastructure said that the preparations are ongoing to accommodate the CHOGM participants.

The preparations include expanding different roads, keeping Kigali clean, maintaining good service delivery, and raising more awareness around the CHOGM benefits among other preparations in place.

 Social welfare

During the Smart Inteko forum, Martine Urujeni, Vice Mayor in Charge of Social Economic Affairs briefed the citizens on the agenda ahead of the Kwibuka28.

She urged the public to take all vaccines including booster shots as the Covid-19 fight continues. She reminded them other social welfare issues such as hygiene, security issues among others.

According to the city leadership, The Smart Inteko is one of the ways to address citizen challenges and such sessions will be conducted regularly.