Kigali, December, 16th 2021 - The City of Kigali Mayor Mayor PUDENCE Rubingisa together with the Director General of the National Child Development Agency, Umutoni Gatsinzi Nadine and Archbishop of Anglican Church of Rwanda Mbanda Laurent officiated the inauguration of a model workplace-based ECD centre that will provide City of Kigali employees' children with comprehensive services for their healthy growth in the premises of the City of Kigali.

This infrastructure contains stimulation rooms, dining room, breastfeeding area, playground, restrooms, cooking areas among others. The facility has a capacity of 20 kids, but it has for now 13kids and will take care of children who are aged between 3 months and 3 years.

In his remarks during the inauguration, the City of Kigali Mayor Pudence Rubingisa says  “I am honored to launch this work –based ECD, that was established in line with Early Childhood Development Policy in Rwanda. It has been demonstrated that integrated services in safe and protective environments that include; early stimulation, core essential nutrition services (prevention and management of under-nutrition), access to basic health, access to clean water and sanitation during the period of rapid brain growth can prevent an increase in development delays and even reverse them”.

He added that the City of Kigali ECD center model will be used as a basis for measuring standards and minimum requirements for all those willing to invest in ECD for both government and private.

The Director General for National Child Development Agency, Mrs. Nadine Umutoni Gatsinzi, commended the City of Kigali authorities for this achievement. She said that investing in the early years of a child life is one of the smartest investments a country can make to break the cycle of poverty, address inequality, and boost productivity later in life in its Citizens.

“On our side as NCDA  and our  partners, we look forward to sharing examples  of early childhood Development models we are promoting and implementing in Rwanda, ECD Setting at Work place being one of them, alongside of : Model Centers, Center Based , Community Based, Home Based and Home visitation, in the spirit of leaving no child behind: All children in Rwanda to receive integrated ECD services from conception up to six years of age,” she added.

Archbishop of Anglican Church of Rwanda Mbanda Laurent said that the Anglican Church of Rwanda was committed to promoting Early Childhood Development from the beginning: "We have established 600 ECD Centers across the country and plan to have an ECD model at every parish”.

Parents who have kids at workplace ECD work comfortably with assurance that their babies are being taken care of at the ECD center, this also reduce time used to go back home to breast feed their babies by increasing work productivity &the security of their children assured.

"Having an ECD centre at my workplace has enabled me to breastfeed my child properly. Also, knowing that she is in good hands and happy gives me peace of mind and increases my productivity."  Said Izerimana Esperance working at City of Kigali as an Architect.

The City of Kigali appreciates the role of partners in the establishment of the City of Kigali workplace-based ECD, notably Ministry of Gender and family promotion, Unicef Rwanda, Anglican Church of Rwanda and NCDA.